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  • Foodie


    What is Foodie Foodie is a social app that recommends new restaurants based on your taste preferences and what your friends have liked And provides a platform for sharing and finalizing a restaurant to eat with a small group of friends, focusing on the dynamics of group decision-making. It’s a perfect solution for planning a […]

  • Dasher


    Guide: Dr. Alan Blackwell | Research Internship | Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK | June-July 2006 Dasher is a novel probabilistic text entry interface, using continuous pointing gestures through structured information in a zooming interface. It is widely used by disabled people around the world. It’s developed by the Inference Group Cavendish Laboratory University […]

  • Visual Order and Typography

    Visual Order and Typography

    The exercise aims at learning the creation of Visual Order (hierarchy). Visual Order is addressed in the context of relationships between elements that coexists in a two-dimensional space. The objective is to internalize an experience by self-creation of the required Visual Order; a planned arrangement that facilitates the easy visual perception of the communicated message. […]

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    Product Design

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