Graphics Control Panel

Desktop Research



Heuristic Evaluation, Competitive Study
User Study, Persona & Scenario
Brainstorming & Conceptualization
Concept Evaluation
Mockups & Prototyping

User Study

Survey, Contextual-Inquiries, On-site Visits

Brainstorming & Conceptualization

Concept Evaluation

40 conceptual designs were evaluated.


Can it be implemented?
Do we have enough time to do this?
Does it belong to NVIDIA domain?
How practical is it?

Coolness Factor

How much do we like the idea?
How interesting is it to work on?
Creativity in the idea?
Love at first sight effect?
Emotional attachment (how much the user would emotionally attach to this?)


How representative is it of the persona goals?

Prototype - Display Setup

Direct Manipulation,
Visually Engaging

Prototype - 3D Settings for Games

Games & Profile Management,
Visual Previews for Settings