Desktop Size & Position

Desktop UI Usability

UI for providing user the functionality and flexibility to adjust desktop resolutions, scale and position to precisely fit the visible area on a monitor.


Games typically use a resolution different than the desktop resolution. I designed a UI that can let the user how the game would fill up the screen for a given scaling settings. The settings take into account all the technical details and processing to generate a preview so user can see the result before they use a game later.


The desktop screen is not positioned properly on a lot of analog (CRT) monitors. This UI is designed to let the user move the screen around so as to make it position properly on the screen.


A lot of HDTVs available in the market doesn't show the whole desktop when connected to a PC because of some legacy broadcasting issue. I designed this UI to guide user to use the proper method for correctly troubleshooting the issue.

If display settings doesn't work, user can customize the resolution to perfectly fit on HDTV screen.