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A Dream,
is where it starts.
A rush of blood to the head
and I dive in my colourful fantasy.
With the Red Fire in me,
I am what I want to be.
Like the Green in the wild,
I spread my roots,
or from behind the Blue skies,
watch all moves.
Amidst this fantasy,
all they say...
"Its just a dream"
I wake up... and with
a rush of blood to the head,
I dive...

Alcheringa... vibes of varied lives

Alcheringa is the biggest annual cultural festival of north-east India, organized by IIT Guwahati, with more than 150 colleges participating in it. The word 'Alcheringa' comes from the Australian aboriginal language of the Aruntas. It is roughly translated to mean "The Eternal Dream-time".This 3 daylong event is characterized by Star studded nights, stellar performances, fun filled contests and an electric environment.

I was head of the design committee for 2006 edition of the festival, looking over designs of all promotional materials, posters pamphlets etc.



Designed the website:

  • Representing the theme of festival
  • Showcasing previous editions of the festival
  • Providing information about all the events, activities and program schedule
  • With online registration for various events and contact information
  • Providing sponsor's information and publishing all the promotional material

Publicity Brochure

Designed the publicity brochure of the festival including information about all the events. We had around 50,000 copies printed and distributed among many colleges and companies in the north-east India to get participation and attract sponsors for the festival.