Career Gateway

GaTech | Aug-Dec 2007 | Introduction to HCI - Course Project | Team: Chris Howse, Dinesh Nagar, Jordan Patton, and Justin Smith


We started out with a broad objective of helping homeless, not knowing what the end result would be. The project was divided in four phases based on UX methodologies. The resulted solution was CareerGateway - a website designed to help homeless people build resumes, find jobs, and get training necessary to attain and retain a job.

1. Understanding the problem

Users Profile and Task Analysis

2. Design Alternatives

  • Brainstorming over design ideas based on study findings and implications
  • Choosing three design alternative
  • Brainstorming over the pros and cons of the three ideas

3. System Prototyping and Evaluation Plan

4. Usability Testing and Evaluation

Prototyping, Evaluation and Findings

Reports and Prototype

CareerGateway - Prototype