Adviser: Gregory M. Corso | Engineering Psychology | GaTech | Aug-Dec 2007

DocuShare Device

Our aim was to design a document sharing system to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration in higher education settings. Allowing Students, faculty and researchers a way to instantly share and seamlessly edit document with ease.

DocuShare Device

Data Gathering

Workload Analysis

Existing System Analysis

We did Existing System Analysis of Microsoft OneNote and Google Docs, heuristically and with users, conducting evaluation sessions, task analysis though observation and focus groups. Based on our evaluation we made Functional Flow Diagram, Decision Action Diagram, and did the Functional Allocation.

DocuShare System

We proposed DocuShare system with the new functional flow and function allocation based on the findings of our analysis and evaluation of the existing systems and leveraging the latest technology. We created a prototype of the system in flash and took the informal feedback from the users for design validation.